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ADS N12 HDPE Pipe and Fittings

ADS N12 HDPE Dual Wall Corrugated Pipe

hdpe-pipeADS stormwater pipe is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE). Dual wall stormwater pipe with a tough corrugated wall on the outside and a smooth, fast flowing wall on the inside. Cubic M3 supplies ADS HDPE pipe often as part of a stormwater attenuation system using Stormtech stormwater chambers.

Cubic M3 can supply ADS HDPE pipe for a stormwater attenuation system using Stormtech stormwater chambers.Cubic M3 stormwater pipe brochure

Download a copy of the Cubic M3 ADS HDPE Pipe Brochure.

A wide range of ADS HDPE fittings are available for all pipe sizes from 100mm to 1500mm. Our pipe fittings include bends, tees, wyes and couplers.

N-12® pipe is the world standard for corrugated high density polyethylene drainage pipe. Introduced in 1987, N-12 dual wall pipe with its smooth interior wall and corrugated exterior wall, offers exceptional hydraulics and strength. Built using application specific high-density polyethylene, N-12 corrugated pipe also provides superior corrosion and abrasion resistance making it an excellent alternative to reinforced concrete and corrugated metal pipe. These properties have led to the increasing approval and acceptance of N-12 drainage pipe in storm water applications

Main benefits of ADS HDPE pipe are:

  • Low Cover – the deep external corrugations provide the necessary strength for low cover. It withstands vertical pressure by transferring most of the load to the surrounding soil, which results in the pipe supporting highway loads at low cover. Only requires 300mm cover to meet highway loads
  • The low Mannings ‘n’ value improves flow rates in comparison to other pipe materials often allowing downsizing of pipe networks.
  • Quality and structural strength – independently tested ADS HDPE pipe is certified by Australian and international standards (AASHTO, IAB, AS 2566.1, AS 5100.2)
  • Light weight – facilitates quick, easy installation and improves onsite safety
  • Durable – has a very high abrasion resistance value. A rubber ring joint reinforces the unique integral bell and spigot joint.  This enables efficient installation and long term performance
  • Low Cost quick and easy installation means time and money saved
  • Hydraulically efficient – maintains a smooth surface for its entire life
  • Low CO2 – HDPE has a greenhouse gas emission value significantly lower than energy intensive cement and steel based heavy concrete pipe. 100 times lower CO2 per metre of pipe compared to concrete and PVC.
  • Wide range of sizes – ADS pipe is available in 100mm to 1500mm diameter sizes.  It comes in standard pipe lengths of 6.1m and 4m.


ADS HDPE Pipe Fittings

hdpe-pipe-fittings-Cubic-M3A wide range of HDPE fittings is available for all pipe sizes: 100mm to 1500mm. These include bends, tees, wyes and couplers.

ADS HDPE pipe is used extensively in civil, mining, rail and irrigation applications.

Download a copy of the Cubic M3 ADS N12 HDPE Pipe Brochure.