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Civil Engineering


ADS HDPE pipe – Ballarto Road, Western Highway, Melton, Victoria.

Cubic M3 has an extensive range of products to suit civil engineering applications.

ADS-N12 pipe is made to the M294 pipe design  in the Austroads design guide for flexible and rigid pipe.

Download the Austroads Design Guide for Buried Flexible Pipe.

Our qualified engineers provide civil engineering design support.  We also offer installation guidance for stormwater drainage solutions for shopping centres, roads, sub-divisions, rail, council and other commercial projects.

Click below for further information about our range of products and solutions for civil engineering applications:

ADS N-12 pipe
Cubic M3 Fittings
StormTech Isolator Row
Nyloplast pits

Civil Engineering ADS-N12 HDPE pipe

Civil Engineering ADS HDPE Pipe

ADS HDPE Pipe installed under new bridge at York-Merredin Road WA 

Civil Engineering StormTech

StormTech installation – Melbourne City Council – Ross Straw Oval, Parkville, Victoria.