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app-railIdeally suited to under-rail designs and applications, ADS N12 Dual-Wall Corrugated HDPE pipes and fittings have been approved for use by numerous Australian rail authorities and government agencies.

Metro Rail HDPE pipeThese include Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM), V/Line, Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), Aurizon, Queensland Rail (QR), RailCorp, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and CityRail.

To see our latest engineering product approval from Metro Trains Melbourne click the following link: Engineering Product Approval 0147- ADS HDPE Pipe – Metro Trains.

Approved by rail authorities after rigorous independent testing

ADS high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe has undergone rigorous independent testing and been found to perform extremely well in rail corridor applications including:

Blackburn Station Cubic M3 HDPE pipe– duplications

– intertrack and undertrack upgrades such as level crossings

– sub-soil drainage and carrier pipe

– perforated 100mm to 600mm applications.


ADS N12 Dual-Wall Corrugated HDPE Pipe has the following under-rail friendly properties:

  • comes in sizes from 100mm to 1500mm inside diameter (ID)
  • can be supplied in standard and slotted variants
  • pipe is manufactured with properties in accordance with AS/NZS 2566.1, Buried Flexible Pipelines – Part 1 Structural Design.

Benefits of ADS N12 Dual-Wall Corrugated HDPE Pipe

Benefits of the ADS N12 Dual-Wall Corrugated HDPE pipe include:

  • Strength – the HDPE properties of this product (once installed) make it comparable in strength to precast concrete pipes, while weighing far less


  • OH&S – reduced manual handling risk during installation.  The Cubic M3 system requires no extra couplers, grout or sealants for installation due to built-in bell and factory-installed gasket, hence fewer components to be installed on site.


  • Cost – lighter weight pipes can translate to installation cost savings.


  • Reduced wastage – HDPE is not susceptible to bell chipping and cracking or damage during transport and installation.


  • Low CO2 emissions – significantly less energy used to manufacture when compared to concrete, PVC and polypropylene pipes.


  • Hydraulic efficiency – low Manning’s ‘n’ due to smooth polyethlene interior and provides better flow results.


  • Durability – HDPE has a life span of the order of 100 years and is recyclable.


  • Chemical – abrasion resistant and suitable for acid sulphate soils and highly abrasive flows.