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Stormwater Management


StormTech chambers with Nyloplast.

Cubic M3  supplies a comprehensive range of leading-edge drainage and pipeline solutions for all stormwater management applications. These include design of pipe and pit networks, detention volumes, harvesting options and filters to achieve your target water quality requirements.

Our underground water tank system StormTech is cost effective, easy to install yet strong enough for under road applications. Ideally connected via Nylopast and ADS N-12 Pipe, StormTech can be used for most detention and attenuation applications including soakaways. The design can be inline or offline to achieve your required treatment targets.

The StormTech arch system is an underground structural water storage system suitable for rainwater harvesting, stormwater detention and infiltration.

We employ Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation (MUSIC) to assist in decision making.

For a free initial stormwater reuse plan or MUSIC design contact the Cubic M3 team today.


StormTech & HDPE Pipe

StormTech chambers & ADS HDPE pipe

StormTech installation in the Middle East

StormTech installation in the Middle East