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HDPE_pipe_corrugated_plasticADS N12 HDPE pipe is dual wall  pipe engineered from high density polyethylene (HDPE). A corrugated outer wall provides structural strength, while a smooth inner wall enhances water flow.

Download a copy of our ADS HDPE Pipe Brochure.

Low Cover – only requires 500mm cover to meet highway loads using AS 2566.1  with AS 5100.2 live loads

Minimal CO2 Production – significantly lower CO2 produced per metre of pipe compared to concrete and PVC

Low Cost – quick and easy to install saving time and money

ADS flexible pipe was one of the first plastic pipes on the world market. Over the past 20 years, ADS has made refinements to improve joint integrity and ease of installation, while extending the pipe range.

Advancements in polymer science and structural design over the past decade enable ADS N12 HDPE pipe to outperform and outlast concrete pipe.  Manufacturing HDPE pipe produces less greenhouse gas emissions than concrete pipe – it is the environmentally friendly alternative.

Benefits of ADS N12 HDPE dual wall corrugated pipe

  • Structural – low cover (300mm min) and deep burial installations. The HDPE grade used has a 25 per cent higher long term modulus than PE 100. Better polymer allows less material to be used to carry AS5100.2 live loads safely long term. Expert government structural and material engineers independently audit ADS HDPE pipe and set polymer long term modulus values.


  • Low risk – light weight, fewer joints, reduced OHS issues for installation. Pipe requires no extra couplers, grout or other sealants for installation due to built-in bell and factory-installed gasket. This means fewer components to risk performance.


  • Cost – installation cost savings with light weight pipes. Less heavy equipment required and the pipes can easily be cut to the required lengths on site.


  • Reduced wastage – not susceptible to bell chipping and cracking common to concrete pipes.ADS HDPE Pipe


  • Low CO2 – significantly lower embodied energy than concrete, PVC and polypropylene pipes.


  • Hydraulic efficiency – low Manning’s ‘n’ due to smooth polyethlene interior.


  • Durability – HDPE has a life span of the order of 100 years and is recyclable.


  • Chemical – abrasion resistant and suitable for acid sulfate soils and highly abrasive flows.


  • Light weight and easy to install –  ADS HDPE pipe is relatively light weight. It facilitates quick, easy installation and reduces onsite safety risks. A rubber ring joint reinforces the unique integral bell and spigot joint. This enables efficient installation (no bell holes required) and excellent long term performance. The strength of HDPE means less breakages and wastage onsite.


  • Wide range of sizes – ADS HDPE pipe is available in sizes from 100mm to 1500mm diameter and comes in standard pipe lengths of 6.1m and 4m.


ADS HDPE pipe is used extensively in civil, mining, rail and irrigation applications.

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Download a copy of our ADS HDPE Pipe Brochure.