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res-flexstormThe FlexStorm system combines a filtration basket and a filtration medium, MyCelx, which removes oils from stormwater flows. The FlexStorm catch basin inserts treat suspended solids, oils, nitrogen and phosphorus. FlexStorm units are advantageous in meeting WSUD requirements in urban developments.

FlexStorm inlet filters offer a cost effective, adjustable filtration system.

Cubic M3 consultants can recommend the right inlet filter and level of filtration for your requirements. We design filter bypass to meet the minimum design flow for every particular drainage structure.

The FlexStorm range includes:

  • FlexStorm HD: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel construction with high flow bypass flanges.
  • FlexStorm HDR: Stainless steel weldments can be customised to fit various round openings.
  • FlexStorm replaces StormPure in our filtration product range.


  • Effective: capturing more than 95% of solid pollutants
  • Rapid Installation: self contained manhole unit retrofit or Nyloplast pit applications. Just connect inlet and outlet.
  • Non-Blocking: unique design takes advantage of indirect filtration and bypass attributors
  • Low Maintenance Costs: the unit has no moving parts and is fabricated with durable materials. Easy to service – only bag flushing and media (Mycelx) replacement required.
  • Assured Pollutant Capture: independent field trials have shown that high levels of phosphates, heavy metals and hydrocarbons are removed from the flow.
  • Innovative design makes units small and easy to handle
  • Fully compliant to the Environment Agency’s PPG3 guidelines
  • Competitively priced and major installed cost savings
  • Fully tested and verified with a range from NSB1.5 to NSB1000 for bypass and NS4 to NS100 for full retention (class 1&2)