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Nyloplast Pits

nylo1Nyloplast pits are light weight, easy to install PVC pits with base cap and trafficable covers or grates.

Nyloplast pits are available in sizes 450mm, 600mm and 750mm.

A full range of custom fabricated heavy-duty road and highway structures, curb inlet structures, drain basins, inline drains, and drop-in grates is available.

Nyloplast pits are suited to commercial, industrial, landscaping, government, general sport/recreation and golf course applications.





  • Heavy Duty Construction for Australian traffic loads
  • Easy, Economical Installation
    • No corrosion or degradation
    • Simple field fabrication
    • Easy handling
    • Offset structure design if required
  • A Watertight System
    • Gasketed push-on joints if required
    • Ductile iron grates


  • Locking grates
  • Hinged grates
  • Outlets fit most underground plastic piping
  • Systems available
  • Ductile iron grates for every traffic situation, weight load and site requirement
  • Locking flange design
  • Watertight joint


  • Residential
  • Parks and recreational
  • Golf courses
  • Schools
  • Commercial
  • Government
  • Roads and highway

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