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StormTech Isolator Row

Moorabbin_Supercentre_Loading_Dock_Stormtech_Isolator_Row The Isolator Row™ is a stormwater filtration zone that can be designed as a settlement tank enabling more than 90% of total suspend solids to be captured.

It can be used as a gross pollutant trap (GPT) or other primary pollution treatment device if the potential pollution load is low or when a shallow or low expense GPT is required.

The Isolator Row™ is more commonly used as a secondary treatment process and is often used to minimise pollution build-up in the stormwater detention and storage area.

The Isolator Row™ is designed to allow for easy inspection from the surface while isolating sediments to a relatively small portion of the detention or storage system, and thereby reducing cleanout costs.

Many systems on the market cannot be maintained. Others require costly clean out with confined space safety requirements to consider. Jetting StormTech

The Isolator Row™ consists of a row of StormTech arches with an open bottom and engineered perforations in the outside corrugations of the arch. This allows the stormwater to pass both vertically and horizontally through the filtration geotextiles covering the entire row.

The Isolator Row™ is configured to enhance the settling of fine sediment that is not captured by any pre-treatment devices (if installed). The sediment is unable to exit from the row and is effectively “isolated” in the row of chambers.

The Isolator Row™ zone can be easily inspected and any sediment build-up can be simply jetted out as required using commercially available water jetting services. The Isolator Row™ system has been university tested with a reported total suspended solids (TSS) capture performance of 94% to 97%.

Click on the link below for additional StormTech Isolator Row™ information:

StormTech Isolator Row Manual

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