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Cubic M3 StormTech stormwater arches

The StormTech arch system is an underground structural water storage system for rainwater harvesting, stormwater detention and infiltration.

StormTech is designed to meet the highest industry structural standards and is ideally suited to carparks, roadways, sports fields and deep burial applications.

Underground water tanks can be designed and built from StormTech for stormwater detention and retention.

Under carparks, roads or highways, StormTech stormwater systems are fully trafficable once correctly installed.




  • Lightweight – two people can install chambers quickly and easily, saving time and money.
  • Easy to Install – lower OH&S risks than heavier systems.
  • High storage capacity per sq.m.
  • Extensive product research, development and rigorous testing ensure long term reliability and performance.
  • Versatile product design accommodates a wide range of site constraints with cost-effective system designs.
  • Injection moulded chambers ensure precise control of wall thickness and product consistency.
  • High quality injection moulded polyethylene chambers – virgin polymer used.
  • Isolator Row TM – a leading edge gross pollutant trap (GPT) to filter stormwater capturing over 96 per cent of TSS and gross pollutants. It provides easy access for inspection and maintenance.
  • Corrugated Arch Design – a proven geometry for structural integrity with 100 year plus design life.
  • Independently load tested and verified for highway loads by the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB). Complies with BS 8006 code for earth retaining structures. Click here to read the ARRB AS 5100.2 live load analysis.
  • Only chambers designed to meet all AASHTO requirements for live load and earth load design – each chamber is capable of supporting three times the AASHTO H-20 Wheel Load Rating without deforming
  • Fully trafficable
  • Modular design gives flexibility to match site conditions and minimise installed costs.

StormTech is unique because….

  • StormTech arches are the only chamber system produced to ASTM standards
  • the only chamber designed to meet all AASHTO requirements for live load and earth load design
  • large storage volume per sq.m
  • lightweght chambers for easy construction and installation
  • high quality injection moulded polypropylene chambers
  • non-proprietary pipe manifold design based on accepted engineering techniques assuring conveyance capacity for peak flows


StormTech arches are well suited to under highways, roads, car parks and other trafficable or non trafficable applications. They utilise the strength of stone and the multi radius arch shape to create a reliable subsurface stormwater management system.

The advanced design of the StormTech chamber allows stormwater professionals to implement more profitable and environmentally sustainable water storage.

Innovative StormTech chambers offer lower installed costs, superior design flexibility and enhanced long-term performance compared to other structurally designed subsurface stormwater management systems.

Jetting StormTech

StormTech chambers are ideal for commercial, municipal and residential applications. One of the key advantages of the StormTech chamber system is design flexibility. StormTech arches can be configured into beds or trenches or in a centralised or decentralised layout.

Stormtech chambers are backfilled with clean aggregate and depending on the application then wrapped in geotextile.

The StormTech arch is available in five model sizes to suit almost all applications from shallow to deep burial to restricted footprints.

For a free initial design or MUSIC model contact the Cubic M3 team today.

Woolworths Distribution centre -Truck Parking area 1.5ML

Woolworths Distribution Centre


Standard chambers suitable for most applications – combines structural integrity and improved water quality outcomes in an easy to maintain system.

StormTech MC3500 and 4500 chambers – designed to increase available volume in a reduced or restricted footprint.

Deep Burial
StormTech DC780 chambers – designed to cater for deep burial detention and retention applications.

Shallow Burial
StormTech SC310 chambers – used where depth restrictions such as shallow pipe networks and high water tables are evident.


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Brighton Grammar 1300kL water storage StormTech system

Brighton Grammar 1300kL water storage StormTech system