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StormTech meets MUSIC

Incorporate a StormTech water harvesting system into MUSIC modeling and reap the benefits

Raingardens treat water and release it to a receiving body of water. During high flows, water runoff can bypass treatment in many raingarden systems. This release of untreated bypass water into natural waterways is an environmental hazard posing significant health risk to the receiving waterway’s ecosystem.

Incorporating a StormTech system into a raingarden’s submerged zone ensures water runoff is treated by directing it into the StormTech system for TSS removal treatment. This avoids the dangerous release of untreated waters in natural waterways.

Using StormTech in a raingarden enhances performance through:StormTech Raingarden

  • Fail safe design – overflows to StormTech to treat the water
  • TSS removal greater than 80 per cent 1
  • Phosphorus removal by 49 per cent and Nitrogen by 20 per cent
  • Fire truck safe – ARRB verified technology2
  • Reduced raingarden plan area required – increased TSS capture via StormTech
  • TSS cleaning interval extended


Testing at the Tennessee Technological University1 on 4 x StormTech SC740 chambers showed a TSS trap efficiency of above 96%.

Raingardens can be designed in all shapes and sizes and so can the StormTech system. Take a look at our raingardens at the Charles Mutton Reserve or the Edinburgh Gardens.

Incorporate StormTech into your MUSIC model and extend your raingarden life cycle.

For a free initial raingarden consultation contact our raingarden specialist on 0413 173 353.



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  2. ARRB – Evaluation of the StormTech DC780 chamber